Clients From Hell 2 (Bryce Bladon)

The full title is actually Clients from hell 2: a collection of anonymously-contributed horror stories from designers by Bryce Bladon. With more capital letters. It’s a little disingenuous to say that the book is written by anyone in particular, given that it’s essentially drawn from user-submitted stories. Perhaps assigned a name for an editor would be more fair.

I’m not sure where I picked this one up. I suspect it was a freebie at some point. Clients From Hell is a reasonably successful blog of “horror” stories detailing the communication issues between designers and clients, especially designers working freelance.

In fact, this book includes quite a bit of commentary from some well-respected freelancers, who offer salient advice to those who are looking to branch out and become freelancers themselves. Much of their advice boils down to maintain a balance, and remember that clients are necessary.

The stories are amusing, albeit a little repetitive. If you’re looking only for a moment of humorous distraction (probably to the extent of a wry smile or a half-chuckle, unlikely to produce genuine laughter), then most of the stories are available on the Clients From Hell site. If you genuinely are seeking some fortune cookie advice on freelancing, then this book has it in spades.

It was an enjoyable hour’s worth of distraction.

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